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Brand Cheddar worked with our senior team to help us refresh our brand and tell our story. As a result, our revenues have increased 55%.
— Zack Walker, Vice President, Marketing Officer- Pogue Construction
Brand Cheddar works with me and other Chick-fil-A Operators to better communicate our values and attract higher quality employee candidates.
— Mike Tipton, Chick-fil-A franchise Operator
If you want an expert to be an advocate for your brand and bring a holistic perspective to your story, you should contact Brand Cheddar today.
— Roxanne Padgett, Global Healthcare Marketing Officer, DST Systems
We recently worked with John to develop Trident’s brand promise, values, mission, and vision. John helped us put into words all the passions we felt about Trident. After two workshops we walked away with distinct guidelines on how all aspects of Trident’s brand would be handled and felt well-positioned to achieve brand dominance. I highly recommend John to those companies looking to create a unified and identifiable presence for their brand.
- Matthew Wiatrek, Construction Executive- Trident